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Advantages and disadvantages of solar photovoltaic power generation

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Advantages and disadvantages of solar photovoltaic power generation

Advantages: no danger of exhaustion; safe and reliable, no noise, no pollution emissions, absolutely clean; not restricted by the geographical distribution of resources, can use the advantages of building roofs; for example, areas without electricity, and areas with complex terrain; no need to consume fuel and By erecting transmission lines, you can generate and supply power on the spot; the energy quality is high; users can easily accept it emotionally; the construction period is short, and the time it takes to obtain energy is short.

Disadvantages: The production of solar panels has the characteristics of high pollution and high energy consumption. The irradiated energy distribution density is small, that is, it takes up a huge area; the energy obtained is related to the four seasons, day and night, cloudy and sunny weather conditions; currently compared to thermal power generation , The generator will cost high; the photovoltaic panel manufacturing process is not environmentally friendly.

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