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The Technical Principle Of Led Encapsulation

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The Technical Principle Of Led Encapsulation

High-power LED packaging has a complicated structure and process, which directly affects the performance and life of LEDs. In particular, high-power white LED packaging is a hot spot in research. The functions of LED packaging mainly include: 1. Mechanical protection to improve reliability; 2. Strengthen heat dissipation to reduce chip junction temperature and improve LED performance; 3. Optical control, improve light output efficiency, and optimize beam distribution; 4. Power supply management, Including AC/DC conversion, and power control, etc.

The selection of LED packaging methods, materials, structures and processes is mainly determined by factors such as chip structure, optoelectronic/mechanical characteristics, specific applications and cost. After more than 40 years of development, LED packaging has successively experienced development stages such as bracket type (Lamp LED), patch type (SMD LED), and power LED (Power LED).

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