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The Importance Of Stadium Lighting Design

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The Importance Of Stadium Lighting Design

For modern sports venues, we not only hope that it has a beautiful appearance and complete internal facilities, but also that it has a good lighting environment. For example, reasonable and uniform illuminance, scientific color temperature of lamps and lanterns, elimination of glare, etc.

In addition to ensuring that sports participants can play their true level well and avoid unnecessary safety accidents, it is also necessary to ensure a good viewing effect for the audience. More importantly, a qualified sports stadium lighting design must meet the lighting effects required for various TV broadcasts and live broadcasts.

Generally, for a modern sports stadium, we will require the following three key points to be considered in its lighting design:

1. Whether the lighting can fully meet the visual requirements of sports participants, such as athletes and referees. At the same time, whether the negative impact of lighting on sports participants is minimized, such as excess illumination and glare.

2. Whether the lighting system can meet the visual requirements of audience appreciation, so that the competition process can be fully presented, including the expressions of the athletes, clothing, props, etc. Moreover, we also require that the negative impact of lighting on the audience be minimized.

3. In addition, for some competitions, there may be only a handful of people watching the game live. Therefore, the lighting system also needs to meet the lighting requirements of TV relay and live broadcast, and improve the video quality.

The lighting project is realized by lamps and light. The smart sports stadium lighting design is to ensure that the lights can effectively act on the eyes of athletes, referees, and spectators at the same time, and produce visual feedback, so that everything on the stadium can be seen clearly. Such as the light and shade of the venue environment, the color of the surface of objects, buildings, equipment and clothing, the shape and size of the viewing target, the depth, the three-dimensional effect, the state of the athletes during exercise, and the atmosphere of the stadium, etc.

Therefore, lighting design is closely related to sports. A modern stadium is inseparable from a high-efficiency and high-quality lighting system.

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