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The Feeling After The Production Line Work

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The Feeling After The Production Line Work

In the past two weeks, colleagues in various departments of the company have dealt with some urgent matters every day, and they have gone to the workshop to help on the front line of production. They worked together to produce the LED lights that needed to be shipped urgently. Through these days of actual operations, we have discovered that many seemingly simple things actually have wisdom and skills in them. Through observation, it is found that professional and skilled production personnel are not only faster than us, but also produce more refined and beautiful products. From the most basic led flood light, after the various parts of the product are ready, they need to go through machine placement, chip fixing, installation of waterproof collars and cables, welding, lighting test, placement for aging test, glueing with a glue machine, install the reflector and glass, soak test, form semi-finished products, install the bracket, perform the lighting test again, and labeling, into the plastic bag, color box packaging, finally into the carton. The entire production process is an indispensable step, so the production personnel corresponding to each step need to be responsible and efficient to complete, otherwise it will affect the progress and effectiveness of the production, which is why the company has been actively training professional production personnel.

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