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The Advantages Of LED High Bay Light

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The Advantages Of LED High Bay Light

LED high bay is a new type of chandelier that has become popular in recent years. It uses LED bulbs as its light source. It is more energy-efficient than traditional bulbs, has lower heat generation, and has the advantages of long life of LED lights, avoiding the trouble of replacing bulbs from time to time.

1. LED high bay is energy-saving, the energy consumption of white LED is only 1/10 of that of incandescent lamps and 1/4 of that of energy-saving lamps.

2. The LED high bay has a long life, with a lifespan of more than 100,000 hours, which can be described as "one set and forever" for ordinary household lighting.

3. The LED high bay can work at high speed, and the energy-saving lamp will turn black and quickly break if the filament is frequently started or turned off.

4. The LED high bay is a solid-state package, which is a cold light source type. Therefore, it is very convenient to transport and install, and can be installed in any miniature and enclosed equipment. It is not afraid of vibration and basically does not need to consider heat dissipation.

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