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Solar Garden Light Related Questions

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Solar Garden Light Related Questions

1. How long does it take to charge to fully charge, and how do I know if they are fully charged? How long do they need to charge in the sun or cloudy sky?

A: It can be fully charged in 6 hours under sunny conditions. The garden lights are intelligent time-controlled + light-controlled, and there is no full-charge indicator. There is no way to charge in solar cloudy days.

2. If they are fully charged, how long can they last? If we use different CCTs, will the use time be different (for example, if we use natural light, will the use time of warm light and cold light be different)?

A: Light control, dark lights on, dark lights off, dark lights for about 12 hours (1 to 4 hours brightness 100%, 5-8 hours brightness 50%, 9-12 hours 30%), when fully charged It can be used for 3-5 rainy days, (2-3 rainy days when there is no sunlight at all). The color temperature will not affect the use time

3. What is the lumen of the lamp?

A: The lumen value is 100LM/W (IES test files have been provided).

solar garden light

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