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Solar Aquaculture Light

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Solar Aquaculture Light

Signify recently launched a new Philips solar aquaculture light that can use solar energy to help optimize pond aquaculture.

According to reports, Philips solar aquaculture lights use clean solar panels and LED light sets to optimize the operation of the lamps; at the same time, they are easy to install, requiring only one lamp per 100 to 150 square meters of pond surface. The luminaires are placed equidistantly in the pond and connected to the center line or interconnected by ropes to maintain the stability of their positions.

The aquaculture lamp provides targeted lighting for a variety of fish including tilapia, and can help aquaculture enterprises to increase production and efficiency.

The impact of light on fish is very complex, and many factors need to be considered: light intensity and distribution, spectrum and light quality, daily and seasonal changes in photoperiod, etc. Developed through close cooperation with top universities and research institutes, Philips aquaculture lighting products use the best materials suitable for the marine environment to ensure durability under harsh conditions. Facts have proved that light is a powerful tool that can help increase fish productivity while maintaining the fish living environment.

Ningbo ZEHAI lighting Co., LTD is a company engaged in design, development, manufacture, and marketing of LED lighting fixtures and solar lighting products with first-class technology.

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