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Smart Street Light

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Smart Street Light

Today, with the development of the Internet and big data technology, smart street lights, as one of the basic public facilities in the construction of smart cities, have become the first smart “symbols” to be erected in the construction of smart cities. The smart street light system is based on the combination of big data, wireless communication, and edge computing. According to data such as the flow of people, seasonal changes, and weather changes, it can effectively manage the lighting monitoring and control of the entire city or across cities. The monitoring accuracy has reached the level of each line, Each lamp pole and each lamp head realizes high-efficiency and low-cost lighting and power management.

From the perspective of the general public, smart street lights not only bring a more technological and healthy lighting environment to passers-by, it also has a smart “brain” behind it, which can guarantee the area’s 24-hour security management. In emergencies, street lights use voice announcements and intelligent screens to prompt the surrounding safety conditions; at critical moments, passers-by can call the police with one button, and even charge mobile phones and provide sufficient signals.

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