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LED Lighting Industry Development Prospect

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LED Lighting Industry Development Prospect

1. The overseas market penetration rate is low, and the demand space is broad

From the perspective of product supply, China is the world's factory in the global LED lighting product industry chain, and the main supplier of LED light sources, driving power supplies and LED application products in the global market. As the market penetration rate of overseas LED lighting products is still at a relatively low level, the potential space for overseas market demand is still very broad. As the largest exporter of LED lighting products, with the global trend of accelerated penetration of LED lighting and accelerated expansion of market demand, the export market of China's LED lighting industry has a broad market demand space.

2. The update iteration speed of related technologies is faster, and the market is more active

In recent years, LED chip technology and manufacturing process, LED light source manufacturing and production and manufacturing technology of supporting industries have been updated and iterated rapidly. Taking LED light source as an example, the luminous efficiency of commonly used LED light sources has grown from the level of about 40-60lm/W in 2004 and 2005 to the level of 190lm/W now. With the continuous update and iteration of product technology, the incremental market for new generations continues to increase, creating fully active market opportunities. At the same time, compared with traditional lighting products, LED lighting products have the characteristics of high luminous efficiency and energy efficiency ratio, stable and durable, dimmable, and easier to intelligently control. In addition to traditional lighting applications, smart light poles, plant lighting, Emerging application fields such as UVLED and visible light communication are also increasing. The continuous expansion of their application fields is increasingly bringing new growth points in market demand and further expanding the market scale.

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