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LED Lighting Driver Chip

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LED Lighting Driver Chip

The LED lighting driver chip is an integrated circuit that drives the LED to emit light by converting the power supply into a specific voltage and current. Unlike traditional incandescent lamps, LED lighting products cannot be directly connected to AC mains due to their sensitive characteristics. In the application process, a complex constant current drive circuit needs to be designed to stabilize and protect them. As the core component of the drive circuit, the LED lighting driver chip, whose effective power, constant current accuracy, power supply life, electromagnetic compatibility, etc. directly determine the performance and life of LED lighting products, is known as the "heart" of LED lighting products.

LED lighting driver chips are mainly used in various LED lighting fixtures, and are widely used in household and office lighting, urban lighting projects, architectural landscape lighting, decorative lighting and other fields. LED lighting driver chip products can be divided into general LED lighting driver chips and smart LED lighting driver chips. Among them, the general LED lighting driver chip is used to drive daily LED lighting products. The smart LED lighting driver chip adds functions such as automatic dimming, color adjustment, and smart scene conversion on the basis of the general LED lighting driver chip to meet the needs of smart homes and The demand for intelligent LED lighting products under the development trend of the Internet of Things.

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