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LED Light Source Help Solar Street Light Achieve Green Lighting

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LED Light Source Help Solar Street Light Achieve Green Lighting

Outdoor lighting has become a trend from urban circuit lights in the past to solar street lights now. Not only is the way of providing energy changing, but the source of street lighting is constantly being updated. From the past, high pressure sodium lights are gradually replaced by solar LED street lights.

The traditional high pressure sodium lamp is powered by mains electricity. This process requires a lot of electrical equipment. It is difficult to install and will incur more costs. Solar LED street lights are simple to install, do not need to lay additional lines, save equipment costs and labor costs, and through solar photovoltaic conversion, there will be no electricity bills in the future.

As a cold light source, solar LED street lights will not produce any carbon dioxide or other harmful substances to the environment during the lighting process. While protecting the environment, it also promotes the reduction of carbon dioxide.

The LED light source can directly convert electricity into light without the problem of long startup time. Easier to control when opening and closing. Most of its light can directly illuminate the designated area. Compared with sodium lamp, energy saving is 40%-75%, and the utilization rate of light source can reach 90%.

At the same time, solar LED street lights have a wide color temperature range and perfect dimming function. It can better restore the original color of the object, bring better lighting effects, eye comfort is also very good, and improve the safety of night traffic.

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