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LED Light Help Improve Crops In Many Places

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LED Light Help Improve Crops In Many Places

With the food demand crisis brought about by the increase in the global population, LED agricultural lighting can help increase the yield of crops per unit area, which is regarded as a key solution to the food crisis, and companies from all countries are all actively investing.

In European and American countries, plant factories that use artificial control of light, temperature and nutrition have become popular. Through vertical planting and plant-specific light formulas, not only can agricultural production not be affected by the climate, but also crops can be cultivated without pesticides and chemical fertilizers to increase production and nutritional value.

With consumers paying more and more attention to food safety and quality today, the technological advancement of vertical farms in all aspects will inevitably bring a new look to the future of food and agriculture. With the expansion of the vertical farm market, the plant lighting market has become more popular, and the plant growth LED market has grown year by year.

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