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LED Intelligent Street Light

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LED Intelligent Street Light

Driven by the demand for wisdom, street lights are no longer a simple lighting tool. Smart street lights that integrate lighting, security, charging, WIFI and other functions have become a major development trend of smart cities in the future. In the current wisdom construction, the popularization advantage of smart street lamps can be said to be obvious, and it can directly produce considerable economic benefits:

1. Reduce traffic safety accidents and various social security incidents caused by lighting system failures;

2. Strengthen the construction of public lighting management information, improve emergency dispatch and scientific decision-making capabilities;

3. Secondary energy saving through intelligent control to avoid waste and shorten the investment return period;

4. Measure energy-saving data as a reference for the power consumption data of the power supply department to prevent the loss of electricity leakage and theft;

5. Save the energy consumption of urban public lighting, build a low-carbon and environmentally friendly city, and build a livable area.

Ningbo ZEHAI lighting Co., LTD is a company engaged in design, development, manufacture, and marketing of LED lighting fixtures and solar lighting products with first-class technology.

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