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Different Lighting Methods

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Different Lighting Methods

General lighting: The lighting method used to illuminate the entire room regardless of local special needs. This kind of lighting consumes a lot of power, and the lighting style is relatively dull. The general lighting method is suitable for rooms with no fixed working areas or densely distributed working areas, and places where the illumination requirements are not high but will not cause inadaptable glare and unfavorable light directions, such as offices and classrooms. In order to improve the illuminance of a specific work area, general lighting in districts is often used.

Local lighting: In order to meet the special needs of some areas of the room, the lighting method of lighting fixtures is set within a certain range. Usually, the lighting fixtures are installed above the working surface. The local lighting method obtains higher illuminance with a smaller light source power in a local area, and it is also easy to adjust and change the light direction.

Mixed lighting: A combination of general lighting and local lighting. Mixed lighting is a combination of general lighting and local lighting in a certain working area to ensure proper visual working conditions. A good mixed lighting method can achieve: increase the illuminance of the work area, reduce the shadow and light spots on the work surface, obtain higher illuminance on the vertical and inclined surfaces, and reduce the total power of the lighting facilities to save energy.

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