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Classroom Led Lighting Action Set Off Another Upsurge

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Classroom Led Lighting Action Set Off Another Upsurge

In the past year, driven by the concept of great health after the epidemic, classroom led lighting, an important subdivision of health lighting, has become the focus of all sectors of society. In the past week, there has been a new upsurge in the classroom led lighting activities of all enterprises and institutions across the country.

Recently, China’s national standard "Hygiene Requirements for the Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children’s and Adolescents’ School Supplies" was officially released. This standard sets out relevant sanitary requirements for general classroom lighting: 1. The lamps should pass the national compulsory product certification; 2. The relevant color temperature should be no less than 3300K, and not more than 5300K; 3. The general color rendering index Ra should not be less than 80, and the R9 of LED lamps should be greater than 0; 4. For lamps that are not exempt from the blue light hazard assessment of the retina, the blue light hazard group of general lighting lamps in ordinary classrooms Do not reach RG0, and the blue light hazard group of the blackboard local lighting lamps should reach RG0 or RG1; 5. The fluctuation depth of the lamps should not be greater than the corresponding limit to reduce the impact of flicker on human eyes.

Recently, with the help of SGS, an internationally recognized inspection, appraisal, testing and certification organization, Jiangsu Xinguanglian Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.'s LED classroom lights, writing board lights and other products have obtained the first independent Huijian certification in the country. Consumers continue to bring high-quality product experience.

Looking forward to this year, classroom lighting will surely become a new hot state of the lighting industry, bringing greater industrial impetus to the healthy development of society and people's livelihood.

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