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Application Place Of Led Street Light

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Application Place Of Led Street Light

LED street lights are widely utilized in various settings, including main roads, secondary roads, branch roads, factories, schools, gardens, urban squares, and courtyards, to provide effective road lighting. However, there is a continuous need for further improvement in terms of output power and luminous flux, which requires advancements in high-power white LED epitaxial technology and chip technology.

When it comes to the secondary optical design of LED street lights, different radiation forms are considered, including Lambertian, side-fired, bat-wing, and concentrating types. In the field of road lighting, based on design experience, Lambertian and bat-wing radiation forms are found to be more suitable. Through the implementation of secondary optical design, the illumination range and luminosity curve of LED street lights can effectively meet the requirements of road lighting.

Traditionally, LED street lights commonly feature a design where matrix LEDs are installed on a nearly flat installation surface, which also serves as a reflective surface. However, this design approach often falls short in achieving optimal light distribution and uniformity across the illuminated area.

To address this issue, researchers and manufacturers have been working on innovative solutions. They are constantly exploring new designs that incorporate advanced optics, such as lens arrays, to enhance the light distribution characteristics of LED street lights. These advancements aim to achieve better uniformity in illuminating road surfaces and surrounding areas, ensuring improved visibility and safety for drivers and pedestrians alike.

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